Aurorae Printed Yoga Mats; 5mm Thick; 72 inches Long; Eco Safe, Non Toxic, Biodegradable; Non Slip Rosin included

Product Description

Non Slip Rosin Included with each mat; Yoga Mats that could draw out the potential within all of us; We pushed our engineers to develop color designs that replicates the Natural Phenomenon and Energy Source of Northern Lights and Original Unique Impression Prints that Individualize your Focus and Mood; Each individual mat has a uniqueness of its own; We are happy to say we have now accomplished that, so find the Power and Potential within yourself and Live It; Mats are PER, Polymer Environmental Resin; PER is an eco friendly patented material made from a new non toxic resin which is free of rubber, silicone, phthalates and latex; Odor Free and does not emit any toxic chemicals or gases; The mat has been successfully tested against harmful substances: Oeko-Tex Standards Class-1- Baby Articles and US FDA approved by SGS Heavy Metal Free Toxic Free Biodegradable; Yogi Tips; Wash your mat down with a soft brush and a tablespoon of dish washing liquid or detergent mixed with warm water then rinse off; Hang dry outside in the sun if possible; Do Not Put in Dryer; Your mat must be absolutely dry before use; Wash your hands with soap and water before class to reduce any natural oils in your hands; Do not use creams or oils on your hands or feet before your practice

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3668 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Brand: Aurorae
  • Features

  • Exciting New Northern Lights, Impression Designs that Illuminates Energy, with Original and Unique Colors and Prints; Non Slip Rosin Included
  • Patented PER Eco Safe and Biodegradable material; Oeko-Tex and SGS Tested and approved; Free of Toxins, Phthalates, Latex and Silicone
  • 72 inches Long x 24 inches Wide and 5 mm Thick to absorb impact on joints; No Odor
  • Each individual mat has a uniqueness of its own and all Art Work is Original
  • Durable, Easy Care and Long Lasting
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