Make Your Own Rules Diet

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In Make Your Own Rules Diet, Tara Stiles introduces readers to easy and fun ways to bring yoga, meditation, and healthy food into their lives. As the designer and face of Reebok’s first yoga lifestyle line, author of Yoga Cures and Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga, and the founder of Strala—the movement-based system that ignites freedom, known for its laid-back and unpretentious vibe—Tara has long been a proponent of creating a tension-free healthy life by tapping into the unique needs of her clients. In this new book, she teaches readers how to apply this inward-looking philosophy to themselves.
When people understand what they need for true well-being, they can make their own rules—rules that will help them become their best selves. In her rulebook, it’s no pain, much gain. In fact, Tara stresses the importance of practicing with ease—leaving the discomfort and tension behind—because what you practice is what you manifest. Readers will not only learn to create their own rules but also to understand when something isn’t working anymore, so they can update their rules as circumstances change.
Her approach takes readers from the kitchen, to the mat, to the cushion, in an effort to help them get to know themselves. After leading them through some basic guidelines about how to write their rulebooks, Tara lays out tips, techniques, and practices, including:
· A step-by-step goal setting process so readers can figure out where they want to focus
· Six yoga routines specifically designed to up energy levels, curb cravings, drop pounds, and enhance peace
· Eight breathing and meditation practices to soothe the soul
· 50 simple, delicious, plant-based recipes that can be made in minutes
· A 7-day kick-start program and a 30-day transformation plan to launch readers on their healthy, happy, radiant path
So join Tara today as she opens readers’ eyes to a new way of living well that anyone can do—no matter where they are now.

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  • Published on: 2014-11-11
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    “Tara’s laid-back, fun approach to yoga and cooking is a refreshing relief! She makes healthy living both accessible and enjoyable. I am a huge fan of her work and adore her latest book, Make Your Own Rules Diet. Check it out!”

    —KRIS CARR, New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen

    “The key to true wellness, many of us are finding, is so very much about finding your own way. With so many competing messages bombarding us, this can be nigh impossible to do and many of us have simply lost our wellness mojo. Tara’s approach, however, shows how real, lasting wellness is about being gentle and kind, shifting with ease, and creating space (my mantra for my own wellness is all about creating space—in my schedule and also at a cellular level). Make Your Own Rules Diet is a genuine handbook for a real wellness shift.”

    —SARAH WILSON, New York Times best-selling author of I Quit Sugar

    “This is a fantastic book! Tara Stiles effortlessly teaches you how to use a yoga mat, a meditation cushion, and your kitchen to transform your body into the one you have always desired. The program is stress-free, fun, and easy! Enjoy your personal journey to wellness!”

    —DR. RUDY TANZI , New York Times best-selling author of Super Brain, professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, and director, Genetics and Aging Research Unit MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease

    “I live and work in a world that’s fast paced and focuses on perfection. I’m surrounded by it every day. Tara has taught me to embrace my imperfections, love all of me, and embrace all that makes me happy. More important, she’s taught me life is a journey, not a race; slow down and go at your own pace. It’s okay.”

    —TIA MOWRY, actress and CEO of Need Brands

    “Vibrant health is not a destination, but the journey of our lifetime. So how about we drop the dogma, judgments, and worry so we can make this journey as fun, pleasurable, and exciting as possible? Tara teaches you how with her practical tips, loving encouragement, and contagious enthusiasm. This isn’t just a book; it’s a liberating experience.”
    —JESSICA ORTNER, New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

    About the Author

    Tara is the founder and owner of Strala, the movement-based system that ignites freedom. Strala’s flagship studio is located in SOHO, NYC, with several franchises opening globally in early 2014. Stiles partners with Sports Club LA, making Strala classes the first branded yoga program to be available at a major gym chain. Tara is the designer and face of Reebok’s first yoga lifestyle range. Tara brings the Strala program to Reebok Instructors globally. Tara has a custom labeled “Tara Stiles” street wear collection with Wool and the Gang. She is the author of two top selling books: Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and Yoga Cures (which has been translated and published in 5 languages) and she has created several DVD series collaborations with Jane Fonda, Deepak Chopra, Tia Mowry, Brooklyn Decker and ELLE Magazine. Tara supports the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Bill Clinton’s initiative to combat childhood obesity, bringing Strala classes to 18,000+ participating schools. Tara has been profiled by The New York Times, Times of India, The Times (UK), and Sweeden’sDagens Nyheter,and featured in most major national and international magazines. Find her at: