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Here’s the honest truth: It is within your power to live the healthy, happy life that you want. No matter your age, no matter how busy you are, or no matter how tired you may be. All it takes is a desire to change and a few minutes a day.

Truly Julie is a memberships community where I share everything I’ve learned about fitting self-care into a busy life. You can find yoga, mediation, lifestyle and nutrition inspiration at your fingertips and in your inbox.

As Truly Julie member, each month you’ll receive:

  • Two new yoga videos each month to help you focus on bringing movement into your daily life,
  • Easy to create recipes that will help you put the best fuel in your body
    Podcasts and affirmations to help you focus on creating a happy, healthy mindset each day,
  • A monthly theme to help us tack challenges most of us experience (past themes have included Averting Anxiety and Emotional Eating,
  • A private group that you can turn to each day for support, advice and encouragement,
  • Weekly emails from me to keep you focused on taking a few minutes out of each day to care for you.
Truly Julie membership website

I am here to guide you and coach you every step of the way.

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