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“I created Whole Self for you. I wanted my yoga to leave the studio with me, to take it into my every day life. It’s not just about becoming a yoga teacher, it’s about re-discovering the authentic and whole you. Learning from your past, strengthening your present and building your future. Yoga is so much more than just the poses, it’s about you, the whole you.”

Whole Self Yoga by Julie Montagu

Whole self is a revolutionary approach to strengthening your body, your mind, and your life. By incorporating energizing yoga, robust nutrition, and a positive, uplifting mindset, Whole Self was created to help people unlock who they are and create their fullest life.

Whole Self is a practical approach to yoga, nutrition, and self-care that is grounded in theory but has been adapted to the needs of modern life. With over a decade of teaching and refining this practice, I’ve focused on developing an experience that isn’t just a philosophy that works within the confines of a studio, but a framework that will help support the self-care needs of your full life.

It was created for every person to not just care for their body or their mind, but their Whole Self.

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