Living Yoga Immersion 2017

200- Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training and Living Yoga Immersion with Julie Montagu and Sarah Thompson

Lead by Julie Montagu and Sarah Thompson this is a unique and life-affirming journey into the heart of yoga intended both for those looking to deepen their own yoga practice and those wishing to develop their knowledge and skills to teach. The teacher training will be registered by Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level.


The practice of yoga allows us to become closer to our true authentic self through study and inquiry. Our bespoke teacher-training syllabus follows this individual and empowering journey, learning and navigating the traditions, tools and techniques of yoga through the lens of personal experience and bringing yoga to life as a diverse and profound support system for self-development and transformation.

As students of yoga, we throw our life experiences, challenges and struggles into the fire of our practice to be transformed.  As yoga teachers, these experiences emerge as the authentic foundations from which our teaching can grow.

Yogic philosophy teaches that our being is composed of five “layers” (“koshas”) comprising the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the self. Exploring, balancing and nurturing each of these parts sits at the heart of our individual wellbeing, healing and evolution.   The training is built around this map as a six-month journey of study and practice comprising two 90-hour modules (each divided into one week long intensive and one weekend).

Our comprehensive curriculum is grounded in the traditional teachings of yoga with an emphasis on their relevance and application as transformational tools in modern life.  The course includes input from world-class experts in meditation, anatomy and physiology and healing and energy work. Topics studied will include:

  • Sankalpa (Intention): Working with the power of intention.
  • Asana (postures):  Detail and alignment, applied anatomy and physiology, (both physical and esoteric), physical and energetic alignment.
  • Pranayama (breathwork)
  • Mantra, meditation and chanting.
  • Sadhana (practice): Foundations of flow, daily rituals of practice, core principles of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, posture groupings and sequencing principles.
  • History and philosophy: Applied study of yoga philosophy, exploring the four paths of yoga, structure of the eight-limbed path, understanding the chakras, koshas and subtle body, lifestyle and ethics of yoga.
  • Teacher’s Toolkit: Structuring a safe and balanced class, verbal and physical cues, teaching groups and individuals, hands-on adjustments, finding your authentic voice, use of music and sound in class.
  • Energy management:  Tools, rituals and healing practices for self-care.
  • Authentic Expression: Being true to yourself, satya, speaking from the heart, developing confidence. Finding your voice as a teacher.
  • Nutrition:  The yoga of eating, plant-based nutrition, cleansing and detoxification, core principles of Ayurveda.


Part I:  Foundation

One-week Immersion:  23rd to 29th January 2017

Integration Weekend: 18th and 19th March 2017



Part II:  Transformation

One-week Immersion:  22nd to 30th April 2017

Integration Weekend:  10th and 11th June 2017


Cost:  £2900 – with a £500 deposit to secure your place


Application and Entry requirements

The course is open to any student who wishes to take this transformational journey to deepen their yoga practice and studies.  Whilst the course will provide the core tools and grounding for those wishing to go on to teach yoga, the emphasis is very much upon personal development and it is thus not a requirement for you to want to teach yoga.

If you would like to join us, please submit payment via BACS bank details below with your name as reference. Earlybird discount 10% (£2610) if paid in full by 31st August 2016.

Download a Teacher Training Application Form. (Right click and select “Save link as…” to download).

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